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Mom | Full Stack Developer

Guilty of wanting to learn and try ALL GOOD THINGS in life, I've spent the last 20 years working a variety of roles in all kinds of industries; Both Medical and Dental fields, banking, book-keeping, retail, catering, furniture upholstering, Disney World, every admin role in the world and even some waitressing, just to name a few.

Trying to wear all those hats eventually covered my eyes and sent me tumbling down a path leading me straight into my niche: Web Development. I was born in the 80s when the internet didn't exist. Today though, I personally can not imagine my life without code, much less without the internet. And if you take a look around, neither can most businesses, and even some people, anymore.

That is why my current goals include mastering full stack development in all its facets and working to bridge the digital gaps in our society. I'm passionate about learning and more importantly, paying it forward.

When I’m not honing my coding skills or home counting my blessings, you can find me on two wheels, all over New York City making memories with my favorite human, my daughter.

Work Examples

Severance Fan Page

A single web page using Tailwind CSS framework.

Severance TV Show Fan Page created using HTML CSS & Tailwind

Technologies: HTML | CSS | Tailwind

DV: Call-To-Action

A single web page created using HTML & CSS

Domestic Violence: Call-To-Action responsive design created using HTML & CSS

Technologies: HTML | CSS

Netflix Clone

A Netflix clone created using Firebase database, React.js framework, Hyper Text Markup Language, & a Cascasing Style Sheet.

Netflix Clone

Technologies: HTML | CSS | ReactJS | Firebase

Responsive Design Practice

A single web page created using HTML & CSS

Responsive Design Practice uzing HTML & CSS

Technologies: HTML | CSS

Tribute Page

A single web page created using HTML & CSS.

Tribute Page created using HTML & CSS

Technologies: HTML | CSS

Picasso Painting

A Painting created using Only CSS.

Picasso Painting made with only CSS

Technologies: CSS



HTML | CSS | JavaScript | React.js | APIs | HTTP | Axios


Node.js | Express.js | MongoDB | PostgreSQL | MySQL


Do you want the world to know who you are or what you have to offer? Is there a product or products you can't wait to sell online? Maybe you have loads of wisdom you want to share with the world? Do you need a platform, a website, and/or a social media presence to meet your goals? I may be the developer that can build your way there, let's connect!

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