So What is a Full Stack Developer Anyway?


“When you say you’re going to be a software developer, what you’re really saying is ‘I’m going to be on a lifelong journey of learning.‘ because it never stops.” ~ Daniel Thompson, Software Engineer

Thompson, D. (2022). Linkedin. Danny Thompson discussing Software Development.

The term full stack developer bore in the early days of the web, when a, like the original Space Jam, were small and uncomplicated enough for a single person to tackle every aspect of site-building. The web has grown exponentially more complex since that of 1996. The rise of machine learning, predictive computing, and responsive design has made it challenging — but not impossible! — for a single developer to handle every aspect of building and designing an application or site. Web development requires a wide variety of skill; from databases to graphic design and UI/UX management.

But what does a full stack developer do exactly?

Stack refers to all the different complications that communicate with one another. It refers to different programs that are running and working together in order to take a request coming from a users (your) browser or mobile phone along with all of the APIS and servers databases that are talking to one another in order to respond to that request.

How does a full-stack developer differ from a front-end or back-end developer?

Essentially a full-stack developer does both front-end and back-end development. But that’s not all. A full stack developer also understands how those pieces work together and creates the communication that exists between the two sides. A full-stack developer is not just looking at front-end and back-end, but also at how those two pieces integrate and work together.

The simplest way to put it? I create all the parts of a website you see and the, equally important, parts you don’t see.

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